GIT commands

GIT Normal commands  ======================================================

git clone

git status
git pull
git status
git add –all
git commit -m “comments”
git push -u origin master


Branches  ======================================================

— to view what is your remote
git remote -v
git branch -r           — view remote branches
git branch -vv        — view local branches

— switch to work on develop branch
git checkout -b develop — if you want to work on a new branch this should work for you:
git pull origin develop
git status
git add –all
git commit -m “comments”
git push -u origin develop

reset =========================================
git reset       — give up all local changes

git reset –hard origin/develop    — give up all local changes hard to a branch

Not track a file =========================================
Try using this command:

git update-index –assume-unchanged FILENAME_TO_IGNORE

To reverse it (if you ever want to commit changes to it), use:

git update-index –no-assume-unchanged

Here’s how to list ‘assume unchanged’ files under current directory:

git ls-files -v | grep -E “^[a-z]”

As the -v option will use lowercase letters for ‘assume unchanged’ files.

Conflict resolve ========================================================

if conflict, then edit conflicted file content, run git add on each file to mark it as resolved.

Staging the file marks it as resolved in Git.