Google Cloud Basic

I have been using some google clouds API features , like ASR, TTS with wavnet, translate, calendar, for some years. My experience basically is that they have a clear product definition and clear API. But they also have some products not so many users and have to fade out from market. Comparing with AWS, google cloud is more technical oriented and AWS is good at facing the commercial company.

Here is a summary for some basic things to use google cloud:

  1. First go to to create one account and make some basic set up.
  2. At the first, you can get some free volume , for some time for most API.
  3. Create the project in the account and download the project private key as json file. later you will use this key.
  4. Then you can start download the google cloud SDK, and this SDK may give you a lot commands of gcloud to do a lot works.
  5. Many google API features can be tested through the gcloud in the command line. Normally you need to get a token key through the Oauth2 and use this key to run command API.  Token will expire after some time.
    So from this command line you can do immediate test for API.
  6. If you use API client package, like java, python, js, you need to set env to refer to your project key for client package to run, like :
    export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=”/opt/googleSDK/myProject-ffe45577ca.json” , like set to env for java .
    So client can run OK. Please refer to each API doc for how to use it.
  7. If your free trial period is end, then you just need to upgrade your account to GCP billing account with proper billing information. then it will starting charging. After you active your upgrade, you do no need to update your project key json, cloud side will auto know your project is validated.
  8. And at the manage console, you can see the API calling actives, calls per day, per minutes, etc. The manage console, looks like very complex, but in fact not too many things to manage over there, easy to use.