Spring boot actuator – system monitoring and management

I am using the 1.5.10 as the example, detailed docs can see at here:


1. Just add starter-actuator to maven

<!– for logging and minitoring =============================== –>

2. Restart and suppose my app running at the 8080 port, you can see the actuator works at http://localhost:8080/health

  "status" : "UP",
  "diskSpace" : {
    "status" : "UP",
    "total" : 217631211520,
    "free" : 20183724032,
    "threshold" : 10485760
  "rabbit" : {
    "status" : "UP",
    "version" : "3.5.7"
  "db" : {
    "status" : "UP",
    "database" : "MySQL",
    "hello" : 1

actuator gives you a lot data about your system, such as metrics, health, configuration, http trace ….FULL list can see from here ID List

3. Some ID will be blocked by spring security if your system using it. So you have to authenticate and get the token or get the role to access them. But if system is behind a firewall, you can disable the security for actuator. Let us change the actuator to running in a different port and using new path root to access it. Add these into the application.properties file:

management.port = 9091
management.address =

So we can access http://localhost:9091/manage/health  now to get data.

4. Based on actuator feature, you can monitor and manage the system performance and health,  logging, and many others.  And use actuator API to process data by your self.

5. There are some GUI feature has been done based on the actuator already. like this one:


Try to use it for your system!