How to caculate the Word Error Rate By Python

You can use this package to do it.

before you can use it, you need to install the scipy module as it include the numpy.

do like this:

sudo apt-get install python-scipy ## for Python2
sudo apt-get install python3-scipy ## for Python3


Then after that, you can unzip the WER-in-python-master

and  run this cmd :

$ python reference.txt hypothesis.txt
REF: This great machine can recognize speech           
HYP: This       machine can wreck     a      nice beach
EVA:      D                 S         S      I    I    
WER: 83.33%


reference.txt hypothesis.txt can be the multiple lines text files.s


How to detect the IP conflict issue


Sometimes you will get this kind of issue but how to find this issue existing in your net work could be a bit trick.  Because normally people will think this problem could happen in LAN.

Such as for my case, we see one sever SSH access suddenly not working with this error : “Write Failed:Broken Pipe”, this looks like my years ago experience with similar issue.

At your linux – Ubuntu, you use  a tool called arp-scan:

sudo apt-get install arp-scan

This command will show IP addresses, MAC address and manufacturer of the NIC. The line in the output that is a duplicate also identifies itself with a (DUP: 2)

sudo arp-scan -I eth0 -l

You can grep out part you have interesting to deal with it.