Convert GoogleSites To WordPress

By W.ZH Apr 2016

Recently I setup this WordPress and tried to move my goolge sites articles to here. So here I  created a simple tool to read out the sites pages and convert them into the WordPress posts and keep the original dates of them.

I have shared my tools to GITHub at here:

GoogleSitesToWordPress By Wayne.A tool to help convert your google sites pages to the WordPress posts.

  1. Export your google sites pages into a folder,use the tool of google-sites-liberation at this link by this tool, each page on sites will be created a index.html in a folder or subfolder.
  2. Find out your WordPress accounts and URL for XMLRPC API.
  3. Make the config properties files in our code, update the file to your settings.
  4. Try to run the GoogleToWordPress.class to let it: a. search your folder to find out all index.html file b, extract the html content of your sites pages and convert them to posts for WordPress. c. write to WordPress via XMLRPC API.
  5. Feel free to change the code upon the needs. Java code is really simple and we use the lib of jwordpress of Bican to access the WordPress

Enjoy it if it is useful.