How to make the content ID keep same among different Content Server

W.ZH Dec 2013

When you install your UCM, by default you will have the a choice of “Automatically assign a content ID on check-in” enabled, this will cause you have no chance to define yourself content ID when you check in/ create a new content. UCM will create content ID automatically for you. But when you have multiple CS and you need content migration between servers, so you need to keep content ID same at all the servers.

  1. You need to disable this feature in all UCM.
  2. Login to your UCM with weblogic account
  3. Go to “general configuration” page , under Administration
  4. Uncheck the “Automatically assign a content ID on check-in”
  5. Click “save” button.
  6. You must restart the UCM server.
  7. After started. When you check in a new content, you will be asked to input the content ID. Just give meaningful name you want.


If you enable the “Automatically assign a content ID on check-in” and content has ID already when is was created. Can we change the ID when content is migrated from server A to another B?


You cannot change your content ID for old content or in migration.
If you do the migration, there is some way you can map ID and add prefix to it when move to another UCM. But still, OLD ID cannot be changed or delete.