puppet – how to start to learn it

By W.ZH Sept 2013

Puppet is a system manage tool for cloud or multiple servers. You can start to learn it in this way.

1. Download the Learning Puppet VM, and start this VM follow the instruction by VMware or VirtualBox

2. Follow the Learning Puppet Doc
Learning Puppet,  to do it step by step.. around 4-5 hours you know how it works.
3. After test in the linux VM, next step is to install the Puppet Enterprise 3.0, into a client, such as your windows PC, i suggest to create another VM to install it as agent, set the hosts file to point to the Learning VM to use it as the master.

4. Then go to master to approve the agent request for cert.

5. The agent can link to master and use the command console to run the agent test “puppet agent –test”

6. Read some tutorial and try basic script and grammar for the code.

Totally two to three days you can start to write some script to fit your request. it has strong feature for Unix, but not very strong in windows.