Linux Harddisk scan

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In Linux, SATA disks should be detected automatically, without having to rescan them explicitly – check the kernel log in dmesg for details. When the disk is detected, use mount and umount, or their GUI alternatives (such as GNOME Disk Utility), to mount the file systems contained in that disk.

But sometimes, system failed to auto find the disk for you. If necessary, you could try triggerring a manual rescan of SCSI & SATA devices with:

echo "0 0 0" | tee /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan

Check the Linux ATA pages Driver status and Hardware features if something does not work.

Make sure your SATA controller is actually running in AHCI mode instead of “IDE compatibility”.

Also make sure you are running the same kernel as is installed. If you install a newer kernel but forget to reboot, the old kernel will be unable to load new modules if they become necessary.