Oracle Distributed Document Capture 10gR3 install and basic setup

Oracle Distributed Document Capture 10gR3 install and basic run setup

By W.ZH Apr. 2013In Oracle Distributed Document Capture, users scan groups of pages in batches, using

settings saved by an administrator in a scan profile. A batch is divided into one or more

documents, and each document contains one or more pages

There is few doc article online give how to install the ODDC and how to start use it. This is just so poor product cared by somebody.

(ODC at this time is not available download from oracle website. maybe they are doing dev for a real 11g version.)

=============== How to install ODDC =========================================================

1. download the installer of ODDC

2. install ODDC on windows, before that you need to install the JAVA for it. please note that a 32bit java is need. then set the PATH for java bin folder in windows.

unzip and just run the setup to install it.

3. you need to read the install guide and do the basic configuration:

After install, what you can get is the several things:

    1. A program called “Oracle Document Capture”

2. A program called “Distributed Document Capture Server Configuration”

    3. A service in windows, registered as “Oracle Distributed Document Capture”

Here are things you need to config to make ODDC can be ready to work.

1. Go to “Oracle Document Capture”, to setup the  Batch folder / Commit folder / Capture Database config

for those folders, you can create a main folder to contain them as there are still more folders needed later.

for the Database config, refer to install guide, simple way is to use the access DB first.

if you can not find the “Capture.mdb” under the <installed Dir>, then you can go to C;\ProgramData\Oracle\Document Capture\, copy it out and save it to <installed Dir>, then use this version.(do not point to that runtime version!)

2. Go to  “Distributed Document Capture Server Configuration”,

set those folders, like,  Error Batch location  and  Log file location.

The “Set Client Access Folders” is the folder named “ClientAccess” under the <install dir>\WebPages\   , this folder is going to be the location that client upload their PAK files to web server.

The others just follow the install the guide.

    3. Configuring the IIS server,

You need to start a IIS server in your windows.

Enable the IIS manage console, and also setup the ASP and related filters, just follow the install guide to do these.

Then create the application pool and a website(or a virtual dir) in the IIS,

Deploy the <install dir>\WebPages  folder to your new created website.  we suppose the website can be***  as there is no index.html in the folder, just point to any file to make sure your site runs.

    4. Give folder permission,
there is a user “IUSR” in the windows, work for IIS, you need give all the folders that we have setup in step 1,2,3, include <install dir> the read write permissions
    5. let us make a verfiy,
Try to access admin URL of ODDC.

            If you can login and see the admin UI (by Java applet?), then your IIS works.   we call this UI as the “Scan Profile Admin UI” later.

To this step, you seems set all things done, but still not able to understand that how system work…. what a user unfriendly product!

=============== How to make the ODDC run with your UCM 11g ===================================================

1. Make your Webcenter Content (UCM) installed and runs.  After that a basic ODDC example will need you to config “File Cabinent” + “Scan Profile” + “Index/Pick List (Optional)” , then Client can access to server side to run.

2. Go to “Oracle Document Capture”,– admin to config the “File Cabinent”,
    under “Commit Profile”, you an set it to link to UCM server or just save the received file to a folder.
    for UCM, you can also create index fields and map them to the UCM internal metadata at there settings.

    you can also setup the pick-list or DB lookup for index at here. if you have index asked, then later when client try to scan/send file, it is asked in input/select the indexed data together with the doc.

3. After you have the “File Cabinent”, then you go to
“Scan Profile Admin UI”, to use this File Cabinent to create a scan profile. just follow the admin guide to do these.

4. Go the windows services, start the service of  “Oracle Distributed Document Capture”

5. finally you can go to Client to do a real scan and send/upload.
        find a 32bit IE browser, as the web page need to run Active X control. Open the client URL like this:
after login you can follow the user guide, select the scan profile and to do the scan, input index data and also the send, etc.
5. check out the batch folder, ClientAccess folder at the server side. File will upload to IIS as PAK file under the ClientAccess folder, then the capture service will unzip it and process it in the batch folder.
after that, as we have config the commit to UCM. you can go to UCM to search the new checked in files.
and in the UCM, check the metadata of your files, if you have set the field mapping, then your index data will be checked in with your file to the UCM too.

        And also read the log in the log folder.

Issue and solution:

1. when I set up the UCM 11g as the commit server, i get error of creating the Capture-UCM Implementation Object”

Solution: your windows do not have java installed, install the java and also the set the PATH.refer to

2. After i setup every thing, i can go to client to import and send file, and it shows successful, but i can not find the file checked in the UCM side.
Solution: you should check the folder of the ClientAccess first, if you find the PAK file inside here, but the batch folder has nothing happen.

then reason should be you do not start the service in the windows. just do it and can fix this issue.

Please note that this service is not mentioned in the admin and user guide , and in install guide not clear too…. What a mess of oracle docs!


10gR3 ODDC install/admin and user guide   a very good video – how to config the ODC (not ODDC)   file storage etc.    some help about the access db.


Only ODC support the The PDF (Searchable) option uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when creating PDF documents that users can search.

Note that the hidden text (the OCR results) within PDF (Searchable) documents CANNOT be edited and may contain errors.

Instead of access DB, you want to use the oracle DB, then you have to install the OLE driver for oracle, which is not in the software by default…I do not know why they do not like oracle DB.