Error 404- Not found issue for the PDF rendering in the web center Spaces

By W.ZH Apr 2013
Issue: When you use “document viewer” to render a content from Content server(UCM) in the Webcenter Spaces page, try to open a PDF file from browser directly, you will just get an “Error 404- not found”. Not a embedded display PDF content.


The reason behind this is that WC_Spaces server at port 8888 and UCM at port 16200 not running in the same port, so when the webcenter try to access /cs URL to show the PDF viewer from UCM on the browser, it getd the not found error.

So solution is to install the OHS server, put it in front of the Spaces and UCM. Client just need to access the spaces from OHS server single entry. Yannick has an article also show how to do this, but he is based on a cluster environment. .


Solution of mine is here. Install OHS and config it for WebCenter Spaces and Webcenter Content


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