How to enable/register the discussion service to the webcenter Spaces 11gPS5

By W.ZH Mar 2013 


1.       You need to install the WC_Collaboration together with WLS admin serve and WCP

2.       Normally your discussion server will be at the http://host:8890/owc_discussions

And its admin UI is at  http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin

3.       Normally after install, discussion service is not automatically show up in the Spaces, you can go to Space – Administration-Configuration, under “Services and Providers”, and there is no Discussion Service. So let us make this service enabled in the spaces.

4.       Go to your EM (middleware control) – YourDomain—Webcenter-Portal-Spaces-webcenter

Click the menu of “WebCenter Portal”- Settings-Service Configuration– Discussions and Announcement, then add a new connection.

5.       Give a name, and server URL – http://host:8890/owc_discussions and others, refer to the chapter of 14.3 “Registering Discussions Servers” in the admin guide of webcenter for details, you can define a property like the

6.        Then test it, and then you can restart your space and Collaboration managed Server to make it take effect.


What does the means at here?


It is the category ID (a sub category in the discussion server) that your space can link directly to the forum that under this sub category.

You can go to http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin and then — content–Category Summary, you can see over there, you can create a new category and new forum. All the

Sub-Categories are under the Root Category, then when you click your

Sub-Category, the URL will show out like this http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin/content-main.jsp?cat=3 .   3 the number you can use!



After you setup all these, then go to “Roles” part for Your space ( not Spaces), you can setup each group of role to have what kind of permission in the forum.

After all set done, you are ready to insert the taskflow of the discussion to the page in your space. There are major two TF: “Discussion Forums” “Forums – Quick View”.

You can get from the category for the “social and communications”, please note “Discussion Forums” is a full version but it cannot be used from TF.
You can only use it through the discussion page, which can be found in your pages list of space as a default supplied page by Space feature.




Refer to the user guide of the WC Spaces, chapter 60.1  What You Should Know About the Discussions Service


Framework Application has similar way to register the discussion service. I will write one article in future.