Could not find an open hard disk with UUID in Virtual Box

W.ZH Mar 2013

Issue:  When try to start the image in virtual Box, I get error that first snapshost can not find the hard disk with a UUID.




Check file of yourImage.vbox, it contains these for register the harddisk






        <HardDisk uuid=”{3d18f678-76a4-45ef-997f-a38991454c99}” location=”oel5u5-64bit-soabpm-11gr1-ps5-2-0-M-disk1.vmdk” format=”VMDK” type=”Normal”>


          <HardDisk uuid=”{96de2b68-d0ce-4770-bd39-c8688b5b3840}” location=”Snapshots/{96de2b68-d0ce-4770-bd39-c8688b5b3840}.vmdk” format=”VMDK”>






        <HardDisk uuid=”{cff08890-e105-45c5-892a-52bd600404de}” location=”oel5u5-64bit-soabpm-11gr1-ps5-2-0-M-disk2.vmdk” format=”VMDK” type=”Normal”>


          <HardDisk uuid=”{1131b2d9-b769-4116-b6e4-7e53e2c46bff}” location=”Snapshots/{1131b2d9-b769-4116-b6e4-7e53e2c46bff}.vmdk” format=”VMDK”>
















Sometimes the VBox just lost or make wrong data at here. You need to manually fix it. And also yourImage.vbox-prev file is the latest backup of the vbox file, you can make a compare to see the diff of the latest successful config info. Then try to fix to the proper config. Remember to back up all files before you make any change.