Could not find an open hard disk with UUID in Virtual Box

W.ZH Mar 2013

Issue:  When try to start the image in virtual Box, I get error that first snapshost can not find the hard disk with a UUID.




Check file of yourImage.vbox, it contains these for register the harddisk






        <HardDisk uuid=”{3d18f678-76a4-45ef-997f-a38991454c99}” location=”oel5u5-64bit-soabpm-11gr1-ps5-2-0-M-disk1.vmdk” format=”VMDK” type=”Normal”>


          <HardDisk uuid=”{96de2b68-d0ce-4770-bd39-c8688b5b3840}” location=”Snapshots/{96de2b68-d0ce-4770-bd39-c8688b5b3840}.vmdk” format=”VMDK”>






        <HardDisk uuid=”{cff08890-e105-45c5-892a-52bd600404de}” location=”oel5u5-64bit-soabpm-11gr1-ps5-2-0-M-disk2.vmdk” format=”VMDK” type=”Normal”>


          <HardDisk uuid=”{1131b2d9-b769-4116-b6e4-7e53e2c46bff}” location=”Snapshots/{1131b2d9-b769-4116-b6e4-7e53e2c46bff}.vmdk” format=”VMDK”>
















Sometimes the VBox just lost or make wrong data at here. You need to manually fix it. And also yourImage.vbox-prev file is the latest backup of the vbox file, you can make a compare to see the diff of the latest successful config info. Then try to fix to the proper config. Remember to back up all files before you make any change.

Pages home setting in the WebCenter Portal project

By W.ZH Mar 2013

First take a look web.xml, it point to index.html, then when you open the index.html,

In PS3 and PS4 versions it is setted to <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=./faces/pages_home”/>
In PS5 is setted to <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=./faces/wcnav_defaultSelection”/>
./faces/pages_home is defined in where? It just an id of one page define in the navigation model.  Such as for me, when I open my default-navigation-model.xml, my home.jspx has id as the pages_home. (It is not in the pages.xml to define this.)




So index.html will guide the page to this one as the home. Why you must name this home as the “pages_home”?  can name as others or not? We can open the faces-config.xml to take a look:















So we can see that login and logout by default use this view id as the home page, we must keep all these define same.  If not, after log out, you will see a URL 404 not found error. Of coz you can change it, but they must keep them unified or point to correct different view to make landing/login/logout all works point to correct pages.

In PS5, this wcnav_defaultSelection is defined in where? I do not find it, I think it should be a servlet that in the WC API lib.

Links :



How to enable/register the discussion service to the webcenter Spaces 11gPS5

By W.ZH Mar 2013 


1.       You need to install the WC_Collaboration together with WLS admin serve and WCP

2.       Normally your discussion server will be at the http://host:8890/owc_discussions

And its admin UI is at  http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin

3.       Normally after install, discussion service is not automatically show up in the Spaces, you can go to Space – Administration-Configuration, under “Services and Providers”, and there is no Discussion Service. So let us make this service enabled in the spaces.

4.       Go to your EM (middleware control) – YourDomain—Webcenter-Portal-Spaces-webcenter

Click the menu of “WebCenter Portal”- Settings-Service Configuration– Discussions and Announcement, then add a new connection.

5.       Give a name, and server URL – http://host:8890/owc_discussions and others, refer to the chapter of 14.3 “Registering Discussions Servers” in the admin guide of webcenter for details, you can define a property like the

6.        Then test it, and then you can restart your space and Collaboration managed Server to make it take effect.


What does the means at here?


It is the category ID (a sub category in the discussion server) that your space can link directly to the forum that under this sub category.

You can go to http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin and then — content–Category Summary, you can see over there, you can create a new category and new forum. All the

Sub-Categories are under the Root Category, then when you click your

Sub-Category, the URL will show out like this http://host:8890/owc_discussions/admin/content-main.jsp?cat=3 .   3 the number you can use!



After you setup all these, then go to “Roles” part for Your space ( not Spaces), you can setup each group of role to have what kind of permission in the forum.

After all set done, you are ready to insert the taskflow of the discussion to the page in your space. There are major two TF: “Discussion Forums” “Forums – Quick View”.

You can get from the category for the “social and communications”, please note “Discussion Forums” is a full version but it cannot be used from TF.
You can only use it through the discussion page, which can be found in your pages list of space as a default supplied page by Space feature.




Refer to the user guide of the WC Spaces, chapter 60.1  What You Should Know About the Discussions Service


Framework Application has similar way to register the discussion service. I will write one article in future.

Install notes for the WebCenter Sites in WLS and Linux

Install notes for the WebCenter Sites in WLS and Linux

By W. ZH Mar 2013,

I have to say that version Webcenter sites installation is not a good experience. This product ( fatwire ) still needs a bit time to be upgraded to a web center style product.

Basically two PDF docs you need are the:

Installing on Oracle WebLogic Application Server

Configuring Supporting Software

You have to read all things carefully as the install guide is not easy to follow. Basically steps for install a dev version, such as just install the DB, WLS and Sites, (not include the LDAP and other webcenter sites features.):

  • ·       First install the DB and WLS.
  • ·       Then you create a new domain which has a managed server inside.
  • ·       Next is to create a DB user for csuser, a sql script, like this: (table space cannot be smaller than 200M)

========== create table space ===================================================

create tablespace ts_csuser datafile ‘/oracle/xehome/app/oracle/oradata/XE/ts_csuser.dbf’ size 500M;

create temporary tablespace temp_csuser tempfile ‘/oracle/xehome/app/oracle/oradata/XE/csuser_temp01.dbf’ size 500M;

========== create the user ===================================================

drop user csuser cascade;

create user csuser identified by password account unlock default tablespace ts_csuser temporary tablespace temp_csuser;

alter user csuser quota unlimited on ts_csuser;

grant connect to csuser;

GRANT CREATE session, CREATE table, CREATE view,

CREATE synonym, create procedure, CREATE Trigger, Create Sequence TO csuser ;

grant EXP_FULL_DATABASE to csuser;

grant IMP_FULL_DATABASE to csuser;


  • ·       Unzip the install package for the webcenter sites to a tmp folder, it will include several components inside, we just install the sites- the basic component first.
  • ·       Follow the install guide step by step, to start to install the sites into the new created managed server. There are some inputs you may not easily understand.  You can refer to help, and also another file of bea_omii.ini in the install files to help you understand what each input means for.
  • ·       After you make all input ready, start the install, the install will stop at 74% around progress to let you to do some manually install works, these manually works in fact are most hard part of the whole install.
  • ·       You need to use WLS console the deploy two applications into your managed server: cs and cas. For these two app to run, you need to change the and too add the CLASSPATH and PRE_CLASSPATH. Then restart your WLS to make these two web app can run, and also you need to set up the datasource and target to your managed server. Later’s install will use datasource to create data in the csuser. And there are several cache files in the cs web app need to be changed.
  • ·       After all of these, test all to make sure they are successful, then you are ready to continue the installation. Mostly you will get some errors, I am composing a common error list here and how to solve it.

Log file for checkout the error:

Client log: <install folder> /ominstallinfo

Server log: <install folder> /logs

<install folder> – here is the target folder that you install the sites related file in, it can be any folder in your system.

<Manual Deployment Path> –  this is a folder that installer will put all the install ear/war files content in for the cs and cas web app, later when you do the manully install in WLS console for the cs/cas, you point to this folder to let the WLS to pick up all the files. It could be any fodler you created.

Error 1

2013-03-30 00:39:51,374 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] – Context initialization failed

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanInitializationException: Could not load properties; nested exception is class path resource [cas.prop


This error comes out when the cas app try to start, solution is to set PRE_CLASSPATH into the, CLASSPATH into the, you must note that change should be placed before these data are exported to the linux environment.

Error 2

[2013-03-30 01:00:27.254][CS.INSTALL][ERROR] CSSetupEngine.initReInitAction: Database Initialization Failed.


[2013-03-30 01:00:27.255][CS.INSTALL][ERROR] CSSetupEngine.initReInitAction:  Error received = Command failed:createtable

Can’t create Sysinfo catalog


Because you have made an install try before, so the tables in DB already existed. When you second time try to make or continue a install, the table creation will fail. What you need to do is to use script to drop csuser and its tables. In order to do this, you need to stop your WLS and managed servers (and SQLdeveloper connection if you have).

Error 3

<!–FTCS|||result=failure|||reason= Error importing the file /oracle/tmp/sitesInstall/WebCenterSites_11.1.1.6_bp1/WCS_Sites_11.1.1.6_bp1/Sites/Xcelerate/Populate/Category.html|||err=-300|||command=ImportCatalog|||params=|||–>

[2013-03-30 01:07:47.459][CS.INSTALL][ERROR] ActionHandlerExecuteCommand:  Error Importing /oracle/tmp/sitesInstall/WebCenterSites_11.1.1.6_bp1/WCS_Sites_11.1.1.6_bp1/Sites/Xcelerate/Populate

[2013-03-30 01:07:47.460][CS.INSTALL][ERROR]

Install failed.

Please check log file.


Click Yes to modify your install choices

and re-try install.


There is a file of Category.html under the

<unzipped tmp folder>/WebCenterSites_11.1.1.6_bp1/WCS_Sites_11.1.1.6_bp1/Sites/Xcelerate/Populate

It contains a table that is going to import into the causer ‘s table Category,








Subpage Template




Page Template









If you check the sites.log file, you will find some bigDecimal format exception. What I do for the fixing here is to change the t1/t2/t3/t4 into real number as the data ID, 1/2/3/4, this will make the java convert this data to a number successfully.  What a pity, I do not know what the installer can have this kind of error.

Error 4

Create *****(some tables) failed.


I met this because of I give too small table space at the beginning for the csuser, (just 100MB), after I change to 500MB, reinstall all things, it is solved.