Request Pending when you try to create a data role in Fusion Applications

By W.ZH Mar 2012



When you log into the Fusion Applications, you want to do task called “Create Data Role for Implementation Users”, after you submit to create a data role, the status is always is “Request Pending”.



When you do this task in FA HCM, UI in fact will submit a create task to let the OIM to do it, after OIM create the role, it will get back to HCM to notify the result.

So you need to check your OIM server log to take a look the possible reasons. Normally it is in the OIM domain log file. Log into the console of the WLS for the OIM domain, check its’ domain log, remember use filter to let log show out the log records if you first time view that log.

I have seen two cases at here:

  1. The error is about the UMS queue of the OIM server, you can see some null pointer error for queue in log records. Caused by msg queue jam or overflowed.
  2. The error is something like this:

[CALLBACKMSG] Exception invoking callback  
for orchestration xxxxxx, event xxxx. Message is HTTP transport error:

This means OIM server failed to call the HCM soa application from that WSDL, because it cannot find the host for hcm-internal.



For case 1, you need to clean the OIM msg queue and try to let your OIM working fine, then you can solve this issue ( I cannot give details here.)

For case 2, try to log into your OIM server Linux GUI, use a browser to access that WSDL to see can open or not, then you can ping that in your server to see it can be reached or not. If not, you need to check the /etc/hosts file has any entry to point to this host name, if not, you can add one for it.

This host IP should point to your HCM server’s IP address. You have to know which one can be used here if your HCM server has multiple IPs. Try out from browser to make sure WSDL can be opened first before you change hosts.