ESS-01050 error when you try to create a new scheduled process

By W.ZH, Feb 2012

Issue: Log into your Fusion Application, go to Tools – Scheduled Process, at here you want create a new scheduled process. Your existing process table maybe look like empty, no process inside. But after you select a process name and try to submit it, you get one error like this:

ESS-01050 One or more requests are currently pending for definition: JobDefinition://oracle/apps/ess/hcm/users/SyncRolesJob

SyncRolesJob here is just my process name, you will see different name upon you choose.


Reason: This error is showing that you are trying to create a duplicated process in the scheduler.  Even you do not see any process under your name, but other user might have already created process like yours. So system will give this kind of error.


Solution: Currently there seems do not have a solution for this, what you can do is you log in as the management account for setup, and to check how many and what is your target schedule process there. If that process already be scheduled, such as runs daily at a time point, then you can just wait it to run over there. You cannot create a new process with same task for it.

And for more advance solution, you can refer to another article about the scheduled process management. Scheduled Process Management in Fusion Applications