Create Data Source BeanAlreadyExistsException Error

By W.ZH Dec 2011


When I use my python script to install my data source, I get this error:


Bean already exists: “weblogic.j2ee.descriptor.wl.JDBCPropertyBeanImpl@2c56a3a([gis_dbSource]/JDBCDriverParams/Properties/Properties[user])”

So I suspect there is same named DS not be cleaned, so go to WLS console try to delete DS. After I delete and restart my WLS, my script gets this error again! And again! I met this error years ago,, but just can not dig out this time…


Do to WLS’s domain config folder  under jdbc sub-folder , you can see your DS ‘s xml file still there. But if you open the config.xml, it does not include your DS in the config.xml(so Conole ui can see it.)


So remove that data srouce xml in the jdbc sub-folder , and double check the config.xml does not have your DS item, then restart the WLS and try.