SOA ADF-BC service “Could not find registry …”

By W.ZH Oct 2011


In the SOA Composite Application, we have ability  to access the ADF-BC service from BPEL Service Adapter. Everything looks fine in Jdeveloper, but after i deploy my ADF application and also the SOA application. try to test the SOA application via WS. Always get an error like:

“Could not find registry for SalaryControlService_JOBServiceRegistry”


1. From Jdev help, you know that when you create the ADF-BC Service Adapter in BPEL as external service, the input registry should be “XXXXX_BCServiceRegistry”.

2. I also double check in the Jdev’s ADF application deployment profile, to make sure the application name is “SalaryControlService”.

3. Another way to veryfiy your application name is by <FMHOME>\user_projects\domains\<DOMAIN>\config\config.xml

So the final way I make it to work is from this link: .  Give them all credits.


In your ADF application’s weblogic-application.xml, make sure you added the JBO listener to it:




Then this problem can be solved!