java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied

By W.ZH Sept 2011


When i have one project ADF BC in Jdeveloper, config datasource and it can work, then i deploy this project into WLS server, and also config the right Datasource in WLS. but when this project start to run ti get this error:

oracle.jbo.DMLException: JBO-26061: Error while opening JDBC connection.
at oracle.jbo.server.ConnectionPool.createConnection(
at oracle.jbo.server.ConnectionPool.instantiateResource(
at oracle.jbo.pool.ResourcePool.createResource(
at oracle.jbo.pool.ResourcePool.useResource(
at oracle.jbo.server.ConnectionPool.getConnectionInternal(
Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied


To read here last step:

To ensure that the credentials that you supply in the database connections for your ADF Application are deployed and include the password, add to the JAVA_PROPERTIES entry in the FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/yourdomain/bin/ file (or setDomainEnv.cmd if you are on Windows), and restart the server using FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/yourdomain/bin/