By W.ZH, Aug 2011

SmartCVS is the best CVS Client I have ever used, Comparing with others like WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, I have used for long time, SmartCVS has a lot improves:

1. It can crosss the OS, I am using linux version and it is quick fast, and easy to use .

2. It can list all the folder/projects in your CVS root, so you know what folders in remote site easily.

3. It can sort to show what the new file, what is the non-CVS files, so you can easily check what should be check in or commit , far better than wincvs.

4. It automatically creates folders for you for new added files, you do not need to manully add your new folders like in wincvs.

5. It automatically chooses txt or bin for your file, more intellegient.