How to link your Google Calendar as ADF page by RESTFUL API

By W.ZH Jan 2011I make a simple design for a sample calendar page or portlet can be used to render your google calendar to an ADF calendar page.

Structure shows at here:


1.       First in oracle ADF, u need understand what is the ADF calendar component for JSF UI.

ADF calendar tag:

How to use ADF calendar, you can read this article.

2.       Basically you need create the data model that can be used by the ADF calendar component, these event data can be used and rendered in ADF calendar.

3.       How to get the google calendar event, you can use google API for calendar:

Link is here:

4.       When u try to use google JAVA API there are some issues you may meet, I have wrote some notes about these issue , such as for SSL access issue.

·         HTTP SSL login issue – PKIX path building failed

·         Error connecting with login URI for SSl login

·         illegal Key Size exception when u do SSL authentication

5.       But you know , when u read out a calendar data from google API , that is google event object, you need to convert them into the  ADF calendar data model event in the Backbean.

6.       Then your backbean data feed to JSF , ADF page can render ADF calendar on web UI.

7.       You can also wrap this JSF in the portlet, then it can used as a portlet in webcenter.

8.       Not only goolge calendar, you can also access other calendar system by API you have and convert their event to ADF calendar event data model. Then all these event can show in same JSF page. (But of coz u need to mark up on event title or note, this event is from which Calenar source.)

9.       This basically a read process, for create/Update event , also possible to do. (Of coz, you need to define a flag on UI level to mark that create event for which Calendar system.)