How to install Database 11GR1 in Linux


  • Install a DB is not hard work, just download the DB install zip file
  • use unzip file -d ./destfolder   to unzip it
  • run the runinstaller to start setup from VNC console,
  • then follow the steps to install it. write the password, key file and urls that need.


Control UI: 11g use https to access the em control web UI, not http

Key file:
11g db info use encrypt format to save, so you need to back that key file of emkey.ora file

Port Note: if you have another application with DB running in your server, then DB install will auto allocate a new number for your DB. you have be clear about what DN already running in your server. Such as I install a Oracle SES first. it has a DB inside. then when i install the oracle DB 11g in this server, DB port will be 1522. the install steps will not alert or tell you any info about this, you can go to em control UI to find out the listener listen to which port.

Jdeveloper On Linux



Here some quick tips for Jdeveloper running on linux as it might not as convienetn as the windows version, so you do not need to check the install guide pages.

1. start jdev —


2. To access the quick start –


From quick start you can start jdev, can also go to config page to create/extend your jdev’s domain servers.

3. uninstall  –


4. page to get all the jdev extenstions by manually download.

The reason you should know this – because of sometimes you can not access the jdev update site to get all the downloads for your jdev extension.

Such as SOA editor extension or webcenter extension from oracle internall site, you can go to this page to manually download zip file and to extend your jdev.