PL/SQL Study Notes

PL/SQL Study Notes, By W.ZH

1. What is PL/SQL — Oracle default language for DB.

PL/SQL = Procedural Language to SQL   = IF-ELSE-LOOP…..+ SQL

PL/SQL in fact is to add the conditional logic to the SQL , make you can do more things directly on the DB data.

2. Three types block in the PL/SQL

Anonymous blocks – can not reuse

Procedures blocks – reusable to  to perform an action

Function blocks – reusable to compute and return a value

3. Programs

Application Procedures/Functions = stored in an Oracle Form developer or share lib

Stored Procedures/Functions = stored in an Oracle Server

Package = Moudules that group Application or Stored  Procedures/Functions

DB triggers = PL/SQL blocks that are associated with a db table and fired auto by some events

Application triggers = trigger that in the applications , such as Oracle Form developer

4. Coding tools

Jdeveloper and iSQL*plus both can used to developing tools.  iSQL*plus is the web version of SQLplus