cactus usage note

By W.ZH July 2010

Note: This in fact partly learn from my colleague usage.

0. Of coz, you need know how to write test for Junit, coz this one based on that.

1. you put your code in two commenting sentences, then when u try to create test case again, your code will not be overwritten.

 // JUnitDoclet begin method **************

your code here

// JUnitDoclet end method  ****************


2. if u have too many test cases to write, you can create one by one, they are not depends on each other. Because you will face compile error for test method’s return if you first create a lot test cases.

3. Some times it will create some duplicate methods for you, you just need to remove that to compile.

4. cactus has Junit 3 and 4 difference for created test case, you need to notice that.