Oracle DB basic – Listener


A process that resides on the server whose responsibility is to listen for incoming client connection requests and manage the traffic to the server.

When a client requests a network session with a database server, a listener receives the actual request. If the client information matches the listener information, then the listener grants a connection to the database server.

listener.ora file

A configuration file for the listener that identifies the following for a listener:

  • Unique name
  • Protocol addresses that it is accepting connection requests on
  • Services it is listening for

The listener.ora file typically resides in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin on UNIX platforms and ORACLE_HOME\network\admin on Windows NT.

Listener Control utility

A utility included with Oracle Network Services to control various listener functions, such as to starting, stopping, and getting the status of the listener.

lsnrctl command [listener_name]
where listener_name is the name of the listener to be administered. If no name is specified, then the default name, LISTENER, is assumed.