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Google RESTFUL WS services in ADF or JSF

My Notes  — for Java client to access google calendar, By W.ZH in 2010

Google RESTFUL WS API general


Calendar Services – Dev Guide by Google



IBM article for python access



By W.ZH.

1. How to create a user by SQL Plus?

We suppose you do not have user in DB yet. or you can use :

drop user user_ABC cascade;

 then create spaces for new user:

create tablespace ts_user_ABC datafile ‘D:\DAPSDB\ts_user_ABC.dbf’ size 100M;

create temporary tablespace temp_user_ABC tempfile ‘D:\DAPSDB\user_ABC_temp01.dbf’ size 100M;

Create User:

create user user_ABC identified by user_ABC account unlock default tablespace ts_user_ABC temporary tablespace temp_user_ABC;

alter user user_ABC quota unlimited on ts_user_ABC;

Give user some basic permission and roles:

grant connect to user_ABC;

grant create table to user_ABC;

grant create view to user_ABC;

grant create procedure to user_ABC;

grant create sequence to user_ABC;

grant EXP_FULL_DATABASE to user_ABC;

grant IMP_FULL_DATABASE to user_ABC;

If you do these from EM console, you also need to do these steps to create a new user.

check DB connections

conn user_ABC/password;

conn sysman/password as sysdba;

2. How to export and import data for a user?

1. First, go the command console (not in SQLplus) of the DB to be backuped. backup the user DB by export a user:

exp username/userpass FIlE=abcuserdata.dmp OWNER=username

    or sth like this:

exp userid=system/manager file=c:exportsmysid.dmp log=c:exportsmysid.log full=y

      then you can copy the dmp data file to the target DB that you want to import.

2. Go to your target DB create a user  with table spaces and the roles/permission etc. then you can import user’s data from dmp file:

imp username/userpass FULL=y FIlE=abcuserdata.dmp

    or use this:

imp sysman/password  FROMUSER=username1 TOUSER=username2 FILE=abcuserdata.dmp

3. Then should be ok, you can use SQLDeveloper to get the data.


Oracle DB Basic – Enterprise Manage database control

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control when you install the Oracle software. Enterprise Manager Database Control provides a Web-based interface that you can use to manage your Oracle instance and database.


emctl start dbconsole

emctl status dbconsole

emctl stop dbconsole

emca -repos drop

emca -repos create

emca -deconfig dbcontrol db

emca -config dbcontrol db

Normally you can access these URL to get EM control




How to return data from inside task flow to the parent page?

By W.ZH June 10 2010

1. You know there is method you can trig a parent action by call an activity in the taskflow. this means that a button in task flow is click, will do an action method in the parent page(its backbean).. and you can insert a data in the session etc when button is clicked and retrieve the data in the parent page’s method.. the parenet page can use this data is its page.