Sequence is null when create new records by Toplink

By W.ZH  Nov 2009

Issue: When you try to create a new record in the table, you alowys get “Can not insert null to the xxx_ID”, xxx_ID  is your table’s primry key in fact, you have defined a sequence in the table for this primary key and in the top link, you have also set up the ID to use this sequence .  But still the sequence not work to create the new id number for your call to DB.

Solve: we can see that in the Object persistEntity(Object entity)   ,  new record is created by

Object newInstance = uow.registerNewObject(entity);

this registerNewObject will create the record and also create sequence for you, when it does not work, you can use these instead to devide the steps to two:

Object newInstance = uow.registerObject(entity);


assignSequenceNumbers will create a sequcce number after the obj is registered to the DB.

You can also use the   getSessionFactory().getSharedSession().getNextSequenceNumberValue(class)  to aquire the sequence number manually.