ADF lib not found for a total new project in 11g

By W.ZH Oct 15 2009
Issue:  When you install latest Jdev, create a new project and deploy it..  you always have the ADF lib issue like this:

“When you create a regular Fusion application you get two projects a Model one and a ViewController one.

If you right click the ViewController one and choose deploy you’ll be able to create a WAR file and directly deploy to WebLogic, but then you might run into an error message which will have this line somewhere in it:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.adf.library.webapp.ResourceServletThe right way to deploy the complete application is to do it from the application level menu – where you’ll find another deploy option – this will create an EAR file that will deploy successfully.”


Refer to


Solve,, this means you can deploy the project like the normal way to right click the project button. You need to click “Application Menu” beside the application list to deploy your project, it will inside an application deploy profile to deploy your project…

What does this means?  Sometimes useage somtimes can kill your several days easily!