Can not start the DB Console error

By W.ZH  Aug 21 2009

Issue: On windows, when u try to start the DB EM console, it can not be accessed. go the windows services, we found that only the console service can not start, DB and listener service all start OK. So you DB can only access from SQL plus, can not manage from Web UI.

Go the cmd of windows, start the service (OracleDBConsoleorcl) by command, such as  D:\product\DataBase_10.2.0\bin\nmesrvc.exe

you get error of  “StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed with err 1063”

Solve: This is because the host name and network problem. go to your host file. define your IP address to map to your machine name.  This also can be the window virtual networking address (not then you can try to start the service again. It works, and you can access EM from web UI again.