How to install the Webcenter 11G

1. You download the wencenter suite from

up to July 2 2009, we have the 11G R1 for linux just released. The suite have four parts inside.
WebCenter Services,
WebLogic Portal, and
WebCenter Interaction.

2.  Before you install the WC, you should make your Jdev can build the wencenter project first.. Download the Jdev 11G, and go to the plugin update of Jdev, to find the Webcenter framework and runtime plugin and install it to your Jdev.

3. upload and unzip the WC install zip to your Linux server.

DB notice:

1 support  AL32UTF8

2. must have the  processes more than 300

Connect as SYSDBA to database.Issue SQL command: ALTER SYSTEM SET processes=300 SCOPE=SPFILE;Restart DB.