Essbase Shell How To

How To Use ESSBASE SHELL Command




1. Start Shell

For windows, essmsh.exe in the C:\Hyperion\AnalyticServices\bin or in the admin folder C:\Hyperion\AnalyticAdministrationServices\server\bin

essmsh -h | more              to get help

essmsh -l user password       to login

essmsh filename               to use a file as input (can login in file)

            Note: this user name is not the admin account for administration service, this account is account to start the essbase server, it is the essbase ‘s registered username

login username password on localhost;


5. spool on to ‘C:\esslog.log’;                 to log the input and output into a logfile, can use ‘\’

spool stdout on to ‘output.txt’;

spool stderr on to ‘errors.txt’;


6. spool off                  to stop the log


7. echo $ARBORPATH            to display the path setting of essbase server


8. version;             to see version of MaxL


9. logout;              to loglout


10.exit;                exit the shell


11. set var1 = sample;        to set local variable


12. echo $var1;         to see what the value of $var1 is


13. /* comments */            to comment


14. using $?                  to display last command’s return, 0 is ok, 1 is error in exec