How to start the WLST in command

For WLS 10.3, From the link of you try to use the WLST, it can not run . why?

Try this:

[yourlinux]$. ./

two periods with a space, then

java weblogic.WLST


A stupid way to solve also can be

try this ….in your $WLHOME/comon/bin you should have a …try using that …if it still doesn’t work…..then as you said you can run a script.. if you want to still use interactive mode…in the script just try to connect to a server and run the script as

In a shell script contents:


java weblogic.WLST -i <script>.py

and the contents as:


and then run the shell script….

this will connect to the server and the wlst session will not end so you can use it in interavtive mode now……….

this is just a work around not a solution…….