Failed to deploy to WLS 10 because of ADFApplicationLifecycleListener missing

By W.Zh Apr 15 2009

Issue: When I create a project in Jdev and test it, runs fine, then I deploy the project EAR to the standalone WLS 10. it failed to deploy, with Exception. Check the WLS log file will find that:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.adf.share.weblogic.listeners.ADFApplicationLifecycleListener

But project runs fine in the JDev 11g(version build ***** 5188 )’s integrated WLS.

If you comment out the




in the weblogic-application.xml file, then deploy and runs fine.


This listener is a patch added in this version Jdev in fact to slove the Repeated start/stop or redeploy causes memory leak (7393267). See the link

So the listener will be auto added to config file again and again even you comments it out.

When you install the ADF lib to the WLS, you will use the Jdev to intall it, even you use total same version Jdev(of coz you must use same version)

you will also get this error. Reason is because of install missing to add the adf-share-wls.jar.


You can find this jar in the …/youdomain/config/deployments/, if not, get it from your Jdev install folders. Then copy this file to the WLS installed folder of  %JDEV_HOME%\modules\oracle.adf.share_11.1.1\adf-share-wls.jar

Restart your WLS to see it works

Resources on ADF

WLS deploy error of domain lock because of exclusive mode

WLS deploy error of domain lock because of exclusive modeBy W.ZH Apr 20 2009


When I try to make the deploy and run in the Jdev 11g, i get the error of “The domain edit lock is owned by another session in exclusive mode” and can not run Jdev test.


Open the admin console ( log in (user:weblogic pwd:weblogic).  This URL and account is the default for Jdev embeded WLS. After successful login look in the upper left corner. There you see a button where you can activate pending changes (or revoke them).

How to Use Selenium in Java

By W.ZH , Apr 2 2009

  • Download and versions

Go to to download the selenium software, the version currently over there is :

Project Release Date Version
Selenium Core Jan 12, 2009 1.0 beta 2
Selenium IDE June 3, 2008 1.0 beta 2
Selenium RC Jan 12, 2009 1.0 beta 2
Selenium Grid Nov 30, 2008 1.0.3
CubicTest Nov 10, 2008 1.8.11
Bromine Sept 9, 2008 2.0
  • What are those parts over there?

Just refer to the URL of, it gives your introduction about these. Basiclly we just need the RC(including server in) and IDE.
  • How to use?

  1. Click that IDE to let it install the add-on for firefox, after it is installed, then you can start use it from firefox—tools—Seleniums IDE,
  2. click red record button , then you can play with your website, click and input …,.  after done, stop the recording, and all your activity are there.
  3. You can export this record as a java RC file. and you get a java test code by selenium.
  4. Put this java file into your test case of test project. Change upon your need, then you can run it by the Junit test.
  5. Read how to use the java RC client doc at here and you should try that test example for google, and pay attention to the config and host blah blah to used by your server and system.
  6. But remember, before you can run your test case in the Junit, you need to start the selenium server first, this server work as the proxy between your RC client and browser.  “java -jar selenium-server.jar -interactive”   there are also other options for command.
  7. Ok this is basic steps to run it. you can google more articles  has very detailed info about this. Good luck!