Migrate from ADF 10g to 11g

Migrate from ADF 10g to 11g

By W.Zh   Feb 2009

This is not an easy task as the Jdev 11g can not do it for you automatically. major reason is :

1. trindad has too many difference with the 10g ADF UI.

2. in 11g there are many new featues such as taskflow , rich client UI, etc. if you want use these new features, you must design them in new by your self , Jdev can not do it for you. Such as for task flow, in fact you can not bypass it in 11g.

Resource 1 — shows how to migrate whole 10g project to 11g, the common SRDemo

Migrating the 10.1.3 SRDemo Sample to JDeveloper / ADF 11g

Resource 2 — Jdev 11g FAQ about the Migration and Upgrade


Resource 3 — Migration from ADF to Trinidad (Apache)


How to install WebLogic 10.3 with ADF Runtime

By W.Zh Feb 2009

Basically you just need to follow the instruction at here, this is for windows:


Linux is almost same, like this:

1. Install your WLS Bin file and create a home, write down your home

2. install the Jdev for linux. into the same home.

3. Then run the config to create a new domain (domain name can be anything) for the new server. config tool is located in  /BEAHOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin
name is config.sh    . remember your domain info, location and password, when you create the domain, remeber check to use the ADF runtime.

4. then your domain should be able to deply the ADF application.