Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Install

By W.ZH    Jan 2009

SES is search engine by Oracle, different with the google search on web, this search engine let you search in intranet. So this search is for enterprise to use. it support many resoures, such web site, files system, DB and content servers…..

Basic idea is that search Engine will use crawlers to index those sources from time to time(can define), then save the metadata and index info to the SES DB. then client can either use web UI (looks quite like google) or a web service API to do the search resources. Ok, let us take a look.

Install (Example as windows version)

1. go to URL of to download the SES software,

2. in you PC unzip it to a folder. then just run the setup.exe, follow the steps to install it. (write down the pasword you given)

3. there is a welcome.html page can let access the doc and help.

4. Installer will install the SES engine, a oracle DB and a OC4J web server, and a bit others in your system.

5. in the last step , installer will show two URL, you must save them, one is the admin URL, one  is search web UI.

6. good, then you can access the two URL to play with it.

How to Use

After you have successfully installed Oracle SES, you can start crawling your data. Open a browser, enter the URL provided at the end of the installation for the administration tool (http://host:port/search/admin/index.jsp), and log on. The basic steps here:

1. Define one or more sources for the data you want to search on the Home – Sources page. For example, if your data is in Web pages, then select Web source. A crawl schedule is automatically created along with the source. If Start Crawling

Immediately is selected, then the crawler will start crawling after you click Create.

2. Check the crawler progress and status on the Home – Schedules page.

3. You an go to search page to search this source ( There is a Search link in the upper

right corner of any page)

4. Monitor your search statistics on the Home – General page and the Home –

Statistics page.

Ok start roll!