find and remove many files/folders

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Linux or UNIX – Find and remove file syntax

To remove multiple files such as *.jpg or *.sh with one command find, use

find . -name "FILE-TO-FIND"-exec rm -rf {} \;


find . -type f -name "FILE-TO-FIND" -exec rm -f {} \;

The only difference between above two syntax is that first command can remove directories as well where second command only removes files.



Sticky Exception in ADF 10g

About the exception sticked with binding context in ADF+EJB

                                By W.ZH June 2008


Issue: In the ADF+EJB+TOPLINK system, EJB method will throw the exception. Then backing bean will process error information and display the info to UI. But there is one page can not work properly, when the page is first time loaded, it works fine, when the exception happens in this page, UI can display the err info, but when user come back to this page again. Then the exception will still there and cause the binding cannot work to acces the Database.


From the lifecycle listener, we can see that the exception is still in the binding context of this page and cannot be cleaned when page is revisited (in same session).

Cause:  This is caused by that there is no MethodIterator or others in the <executables> of page def, but only with the methods defined in the <bindings>.


If the executables is empty, this will cause the binding container not be refreshed when the page is reloaded in the prepare model. So the exception in the context will still there. The basic principle is that there is one iterator for each method return and accessor return used in the page. Most of the other bindings on the page must refer to an iterator.  Refer to page def chapter (5.5 of the ADF dev guide) and JSF/ADF lifecycle (6.2 of the ADF dev guide)


Solve: Add any iterator in the <executables> part of the page def file.