How to install Python

Install Python is very easy,,,

1. Go to web of   , download latest
Python 2.6 Windows installer

2. just run the python-2.6.msi  installer and input the dest dir. then install will auto done.

3. you need setup  env in windows for python to add the python path into PATH

How to install the ZSI

Download the ZSI-2.0.tar.gz from ZSI web site, unzip that into a folder.

in the command console. go to the ZSI install folder

 python install

This is the consistency that Python's distribution utilities
(AKA distutils) brings to installing add-on Python packages.

How to check the    SOAPpy is installed in python or not

import xml

import fpconst

import SOAPpy

To install the pyXML it is a very old package for 2.3, 2.4 , then you need to run

python install and then go to the build folder to copy the package into the python 2.6
d Lib Site-packages folder,,, 

Trick to make the OC4J can support the ZSI python client

need to set up the format in the Webservice in Jdev by RPC/encoded…  then your python use the SOAP encode can request it succesfuly