FireFox Cache Search

Firefox for Geeks and Power Users

a. Type about:blank in the Firefox address bar

b. Now click List cache entries or directly type
about:cache?device=disk (Disk cache device)

c. Press Ctrl+F and try to location the flash file by typing some part of website URL or the flash file name or just .swf. After some hit and trial, you should be able to locate the swf file URL

d. Click the SWF URL to open the Cache Entry Information page. Right click on the link and choose “Save link as”

Environment Setup in Linux


Set up env for Linux application is very common in all application install.

To modify env parameters for all users, edit:

/etc/profile              For users environment setup and other customized items.

The following scripts are run by bash if the –noprofile option is not used with the shell:

/etc/profile              This script file is run first for all users during the login process

To modify env parameters for a single user, edit:


$HOME/.bash_profile          This script file is run for individual user’s customized setup

$HOME/.bash_login            If the .bash_profile above does not exist, this file is run

$HOME/.profile                     This script file is run if $HOME/.bash_profile and .bash_login don’t exist


Don’t forget ‘source .bash_profile’, if you want it to take effect immediately.